Swire says NHS is safe in Tory hands – do you agree

Owl finds nothing in this response on Facebook that is reassuring.

Reply to constituent:

“SWIRE, Hugo
Thu 31/10/2019 12:02
Dear Mrs Hadley
Thank you for contacting me about the NHS and international trade and Jonathan Ashworth MP’s amendment on the Queen’s Speech.

As I have stated before, like you, I cherish our National Health Service and the role it plays in ensuring that no-one is denied medical treatment because they cannot afford it. However, I did not vote for the amendment because I believe it was un-necessary as the Government has been repeatedly clear that our NHS will never be on the table in any trade negotiations, a position I fully support.

Free trade is a driver of economic growth which can raise incomes, create jobs, and lift people out of poverty, which is why I am glad that outside of the EU the UK will be able to strike new trade agreements with countries across the globe. But more trade should not come at the expense of the high levels of quality and protection enjoyed in our country.

In the EU trade agreements to which our country is currently party, our NHS is protected by specific exceptions and reservations. Outside of the EU, rigorous protections for our NHS will be maintained and included in any future trade agreement to which our country is party.

I hope this reassures you that all future trade agreements will continue to protect our vital NHS.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Yours sincerely
Hugo Swire”

Young people: your friends are registering to vote in their tens of thousands – why haven’t you?

“Young people might be ensuring that Boris Johnson has a thoroughly miserable Christmas. Because huge numbers of them are registering to vote. In fact, 316,000 people have signed up to vote in the last 48 hours. And 205,900 of them are under 34.”

In just 48 hours, young people show they could have a nasty surprise in store for Boris Johnson

Register here:

Tell Devon County Council what you think (nicely, now!)

Devon Community Insight Survey

Devon residents are being asked what matters most in a survey run by Devon County Council.

The Community Insight Survey asks about experiences of a range of services and the County Council’s strategic aims.

It also asks questions about Council Tax increases, community resources, if people have good access to green spaces, and if the council’s decision make sense.

A council spokesman said: “We are committed to building a Devon where everyone can live their lives well, and to do this we need to understand what matters most to you and where you experience difficulties. The results will be shared across services and used to inform budget decisions and how services are provided in future.”

The survey can be filled in online at


Poor people to be disenfranchised – and EDDC was the trailblazer!

Story here:


EDDC Electoral officer and CEO used “light touch” as the reason/excuse when he “lost” 6,000+ voters from the electoral roll in 2014 (that and not wanting his canvassers out in the dark were just two of his reasons at the time):


At that time it was also the poorer and more itinerant renters who were not contacted or followed up.

The Tories, having realised that poorer and rent-trapped people were more likely not to register to vote, jumped at the chance to do their best to ensure they never reach the electoral roll again.

Nice one Boris – bet you’ve made Mr Williams very proud! Maybe he will even get a gong for it like Swire got for cosying up to Cameron!

Medical student challenges Johnson on NHS

“An angry medical student confronted Boris Johnson over his “PR stunt” visit to a hospital today.

The trip was paid for by the taxpayer – despite kicking off the Tories’ election campaign where the NHS will be a key battleground.

The Prime Minister visited Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambs, to meet staff and patients – despite mounting fears the Conservatives will do a deal to open the health service to the US in a post-Brexit trade deal with Donald Tump.

Julia Simons, 23, who is training in the hospital tried to challenge her fears about the future of the NHS if such a deal takes place.

She told the Mirror: “I want him to recognise that, for example insulin is incredibly expensive in the United States because of the monopoly that three companies have.

“And we don’t have that system here at the moment and Brexit threatens the reality that patients here won’t be able to access those drugs. …”

“One of the really expensive things to the NHS is drug purchasing and if we don’t have any guarantees about that being protected then how can I possibly consider voting for someone who is going to possibly detrimentally affect the death of my patients?”

Boris Johnson , Matt Hancock the health secretary and Liz Truss, the international trade secretary have all insisted that the NHS is “off the table” in talks with the US.

But reports of meetings where the relationship between the deal and health service remained open and reported by Channel 4’s Dispatches have ramped up fears. …”


How to vote tactically in East Devon if you are a Remainer

Vote Lib Dem in Tiverton and Honiton (Neil Parish)

DO NOT VOTE LIB DEM IN EAST DEVON (Hugo Swire) – vote Claire Wright (Independent)

Tactical voting site says vote Lib Dem in Tiverton & Honiton constituency and Claire Wright, Independent, in East Devon

General election, Hugo Swire and Neil Parish

East Devon Watch will NOT report any “good news” stories from Hugo Swire or Neil Parish between now and the election unless it can be proved (by very strong evidence) to be accurate – and not just convenient pre-election speculation.

Are homes in National Parks REALLY more expensive than in East Devon?

Owl is informed that a correspondent carried out some research on house prices yesterday, using Rightmove and Zoopla, because they thought – is the old chestnut that housing in national parks ismore expensive – or do the Tories et al use it just an excuse to do nothing?

It turns out, Cranbrook is already on a par with 2 bed terrace house prices within Dartmoor national park. In East Devon, Budleigh Salterton and Sidmouth prices are higher, but maybe they attract a premium already as coastal locations – the premium is said to be about an extra 10%?

Hopefully, this should mean that prices will not increase dramatically in this area if we were to gain national park status…

Over to you those councillors who want to keep a tight hold on planning and a very loose hold on developers …

How you can (try to) get a cash machine back in your community

“… Following our analysis, Link launched its Community Access to Cash Delivery Fund, which invited local communities to apply for a free-to-use cash machine. The network today announced it had already had 100 applications in the first month.

As a result, the new tool has been developed to meet the swell of demand.

To use it you just need to go to the website:


fill out your details, suggest a site for the ATM and explain why it is needed.

Link promises it will respond to the requests one by one and assess whether it can find a viable location to get an ATM up and running in the area. …”

‘Request an ATM’ tool launches for areas hit by cash machine closures