Swire – many, many feathers ruffled!

Oh dear, Hugo really does have his tighty-whities in a twist with this (very long, very pompous, very verbose) rant on his website about independents (i.e. what he REALLY means is how much he is rattled by Claire Wright).

It’s just too rambling, too illogical and too vituperative to quote, but read it if you must here:


Poor old Hugo, times are changing and he just can’t keep up with it.

Hugo: an Independent has one BIG, BIG, BIG advantage over you – he or she can actually SPEAK out for East Devon in Parliament and elsewhere, whereas you refuse to do so, citing you ministerial foreign office post as an excuse ( not a reason, an excuse).

It will be very interesting to see, if Brexit wins, just what you will then do.

Oh, and an independent is likely to actually LIVE in the constituency, unlike you!

2 thoughts on “Swire – many, many feathers ruffled!

  1. Hugo Swire asks “How independent are Independents?”. The answer is very simple…

    Independent MPs / Councillors etc. are infinitely better at being independent than Conservative ministers are at being constituency MPs.


  2. This from an individual incapable of independent thought and who has admitted he will not vote against his government. A more pressing issue is what possible use is he to anyone in East Devon.

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