Berlin to freeze rents for 5 years

“… Berlin’s state cabinet has agreed on a rent freeze for five years to counter rising housing costs in the German capital.

The city’s leftwing coalition government wants to freeze the rent for apartments built before 2014, according to a report by the German news agency dpa.

Only a minority of Berliners own their homes or apartments and rent has been rising sharply in recent years, forcing many to move outside the city. …”

Claire Wright would like leaflet volunteers in Topsham and East Exeter

Hello good people of Topsham and East Exeter!

I’m the Claire Wright coordinator for East Exeter and Topsham, and I’m looking for some volunteers to deliver an East Exeter leaflet to all residences in the area over the next week or so.

Claire has produced a leaflet specifically designed for the East Exeter area as this will be one of the main battlegrounds of any upcoming election. As many of you may be aware, there’s a significant number of people in this area that are still unaware of Claire and moreover many who think they live in the Exeter constituency! It is because of this that we really must keep Claire’s name up there with these people.

For those who’ve done it before, the plan will be the same as last time – namely I’ve attached a map of the patch, which has pink numbers that indicate the round number and the rough area of the “round” and the number of leaflets in each round. Malcolm has designed these rounds to be able to leafleted in no more than 2 hours, so if we share them out, then we should be able to hit the lot in a few days.

Please have a look at the map and email me back stating any of the rounds that you might be happy to do. Once I have that information, I’ll make sure you get sufficient leaflets and also clear maps detailing exactly which properties are involved. There’s been a bit of building since these maps, so I’ll be reviewing them over the next few days, but the bulk of them are just fine.

I appreciate that Topsham people live a little east of the areas we are hitting, but if you fancy stretching your legs, then we would really appreciate the help.”

DCC opens up its Local Enterprise Partnership Scrutiny Commmittee to public scrutiny and participation

This positive change has long been requested by East Devon Alliance DCC Councillor Martin Shaw (Colyton and Seaton).

See minutes below for a full account of discussion at the meeting – about what is working well and (more importantly and interestingly) what is not:

“UK to use £1bn meant for green energy to support fracking in Argentina”

“The UK is planning to invest in Argentina’s controversial oil shale industry using a £1bn export finance deal intended to support green energy, according to government documents seen by the Guardian.

UK Export Finance, the government’s foreign credit agency, promised in 2017 to offer loans totalling £1bn to help UK companies export their expertise in “infrastructure, green energy and healthcare” to invest in Argentina’s economy.

Instead official records, released through a freedom of information request, have revealed the government’s plan to prioritise support for major oil companies, including Shell and BP, which are fracking in Argentina’s vast Vaca Muerta shale heartlands.

One government memo, uncovered by Friends of the Earth, said that while Argentina’s clean energy sector was growing, it was “Argentina’s huge shale resources that offer the greatest potential” for the UK. …”

EDDC ex-Tory councillor doesn’t like the idea of a Jurassic National Park

Can leopards change their spots?

Interestingly, his objection seems to be entirely about losing control of housing development:

His objections seem eerily reminiscent of the objections raised when Paul Diviani was Leader of EDDC: