Parliament Briefing Paper on devolution deals – more cracks

This was first published in April 2016 and then updated in July 2016 and shows the cracks appearing in the deals including this paragraph:

The main subjects of speculation

George Osborne, as Chancellor, was closely associated personally with the agenda. It is not clear whether the new Chancellor, Philip Hammond, will maintain support for the agenda within Government. Lord (Jim) O’Neill of Gatley has indicated that he would leave the Government if he perceived that the agenda was no longer being treated seriously.

Conversely, Greg Clark, the previous Secretary of State for communities and local government, claimed that he had “argued successfully … for English local government to be part of the negotiations on the terms of our exit”.

A number of sector representatives, as well as Mr Clark, have argued for a “radically expanded role for local government” in the wake of leaving the EU.

European Union structural funds have formed a major element of many devolution deals. It is not yet clear if and when structural funds will cease to be paid to UK localities. A number of sector representatives have argued that, if the funds are withdrawn, Government should make good the deficit for the 2014-20 programming period.”

This is how the paper is described:

This Commons Library briefing paper summarises the main developments regarding the process of devolution of powers to local government within England since 2014. It covers the devolution deals agreed between the Government and local areas up to July 2016, including the powers to be devolved, the procedures required for devolution to take place, and reactions to the policy from the local government and policy-making worlds.”