Swire works for ….. judge for yourself

Comment reposted:

Here is what Hugo has asked or spoken about since he became a back bencher:

The effect of Brexit on English students studying in Scotland

The effect of Brexit on foreign students studying in England (using Exeter Uni as an example – Ben Bradshaw’s constituency)

Progress of superfast broadband in Devon and Somerset and whether the SoS for CMS met BT to discuss broadband rollout in general

Four questions about the funding of the A30 upgrade east of Honiton and whether it will be dual carriageway (Neil Parish’s constituency)

Empty houses

Of course, the answers are pretty non-committal, so we learn nothing of real interest from these questions. Personally I would have thought that, with his many years experience as a minister successfully wriggling out of providing meaningful answers, he might be somewhat better at asking questions which would be specific enough to generate a useful answer..