Can EDDC do basic arithmetic?

Read this first – the response to their external auditors that their Section 106 system is not working:

“An EDDC spokesman said: “We know exactly how much section 106 money is owed. “However, we only hold that information by development and do not hold a total of all monies outstanding across all developments. “This is currently being addressed.”

(The rest of the press release is just as bizarre)


Let’s say, for argument’s sake, EDDC has 100 developments which owe Section 106 money. What they are saying is: “We know what each of the 100 developments owes but we can’t add them all up and get a total!”

Or is Owl missing something here?

3 thoughts on “Can EDDC do basic arithmetic?

  1. Actually, despite what the EDDC spokesman says, the auditors said otherwise:

    “In a report to EDDC, the auditors said: “While we have recognised some appropriate controls, we have concluded that there are weaknesses in the council’s arrangements for monitoring developer contributions due to the council through Section 106 agreements. Although we have found no evidence that these weaknesses have led to any financial loss, they have led to the council failing to identify, on a timely basis, significant amounts which have become payable from developers – particularly Cranbrook – and consequently to the understatement of these amounts in the council’s financial statements. The net understatement amounted to £227,000 last year.”

    In other words, EDDC understated the amounts i.e. they cannot add up.

    See the Sidmouth Herald article about this meeting for the original statement:


  2. I hate to speak up for EDDC but…. in this case its not quite as simple as it seems. But they are still rubbish.


  3. Are they still using quill pens and ledgers? Of course not.

    With all the computers they have, a simple spreadsheet would tot it up in no time. It is high time they stopped insulting the public’s intelligence.


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