Parliament of Owls

Yes, that really is the name for a group of owls.

The East Devon Parliament of Owls is taking the day off … but will still be keeping its beady eyes on things that matter, so no rest for the wicked …

3 thoughts on “Parliament of Owls

  1. The need for vigilant reporting of what goes on in East Devon, Devon as a whole and at a national Parliamentary level has never been greater. “Post-truth politics” is now the norm (or to call a spade a spade rather than an earth moving implement, “lying politician bar stewards”), with transparency and accountability at an all-time low, and investigative journalism a victim of the changing press economics caused by the internet.

    Whilst not being an investigative journalist, our Owl is a fantastic curator of news items, sorting through and hunting out the stories written by others and adding its own spotlight of editorial comment to bring into focus the points that really matter and helping to ensure that we are all as informed as we need to be about what is happening.

    So I echo the thanks from Philip and hope that our Owls keep up the great work through 2017 and beyond.


  2. This is a good time to say a very genuine thanks to the tireless Owl who has informed and instructed us over the year. This has been done in the spirit of democracy, a dying creed (?) and we should all be grateful for the efforts involved. Without the Owl’s contribution, we would be even more ignorant of what is being done with our money by people who decide that, all too often, we are not worthy of being consulted. They believe that we are ignorant and mischievous people whose duty is to provide them with the money they need.

    Thanks Owl and have a happy Christmas and successful new year. Long my your valuable column continue.


    • Thank you! Rest assured there will always be numerous beady eyes trained on East Devon thanks to the Owls in our community that, if they ever sleep, do so in shifts so that very little escapes them …


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