Swire: man of the (East Devon) people?

For most of the time we have had Hugo Swire as MP he has had other jobs that appear to take up most of his time – a Minister at the Foreign Office under former school pal Cameron and now Chairmanship of the Conservative Middle East Council. Both jobs involve international travel and lots of London schmoozing.

Is it time for East Devon Tories to think about what they REALLY want from OUR MP?

Not just someone who turns up in East Devon on the odd Friday then retires to his home in mid-Devon. Who turns up for as many photo opportunities as can be squeezed in to a few hours or sets up so-called debates on subjects he knows are emotive for electors but where said debates lead precisely nowhere.

Owl assumes Swire’s re-selection will be a shoo-in, not least because our Tory councillors like to bask in the reflected glory of a “Sir” – even if the meaningless title is handed out by a croney pal.

Isn’t it perhaps time now that we had an MP whose time is spent fighting our corner rather than accompanying arms salesmen to the Middle East?

Or maybe it’s time for an Independent MP who knows the constituency inside out and has tirelessly campaigned for local health services, local education, the local environment and local justice.

3 thoughts on “Swire: man of the (East Devon) people?

  1. Hugo Swire was not Secretary of State at the Foreign Office. He was (just!) a minister.


      • Unfortunately (for both the size of Hugo’s ego and the poor voters in his constituency) he was not “just” an ordinary minister with an ordinary ministers extra-ordinary salary. He was actually a Minister of State (but not Sec of State) which meant he got an even more extra-ordinary salary for falling to represent the needs of his constituency making him am even bigger water of space and money than if he had been “just” an ordinary minister.

        His promise (after being fired by TM-PM) to be a better constituency MP “from the back benches” was of course just flim flam.


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