Swire refuses to attend any hustings: what COULD he be afraid of!

He says he prefers door-knocking. Please do inform Owl if he knocks at YOUR door.


People might think he is afraid to meet the most popular councillor in Devon (Claire Wright, Independent Parliamentary candidate) on her home turf. Especially as she has a strong track record of standing AGAINST health and education cuts and FOR environmental protection.

Swire? Says he wants ” good health care” but has endorsed CCG changes, did not fight bed cuts in East Devon, only his own corner, is part of the government that is cutting Devon education funding and says we don’t need to worry about environmental protection as it is safe in Tory hands. AND he says being an MP isn’t a job, so he and George Osborne should have as many jobs as they like (he declares two, bringing in £5,000 per month).

He spends much of his time in the Middle East, frequently asks questions in Parliament about places like the Maldives, Egypt and Venezuela and lives in mid-Devon when he ventures south of London.

No wonder he won’t debate!

Claire Wright says:

“I am really disappointed that Hugo Swire is refusing to attend hustings during the general election period. MPs are supposed to be accountable to constituents and this is a golden opportunity for him to talk about how he plans to represent people if he is re-elected. It reflects very badly on him that he is refusing to attend.

“I was looking forward to having a robust debate with him and I can only assume that he is refusing to attend because he is worried about being challenged by me – I have been regularly holding him to account for the past three years via my blog and through the media!”

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