Should we judge our LEP by results?

Our LEP loves to take credit – often for the most tenuous reasons – but will it take criticism?

“The South West has haemorrhaged more than 50,000 manufacturing jobs in the past decade, a new study by GMB has shown.

The figures were discussed at GMB’s annual Congress in Plymouth between June 4 and 6. …

In 2006 the South West supported 294,400 permanent and temporary manufacturing jobs – almost 12% of the all jobs in the region.

By 2016, that had slumped to just 243,100 or 9% of the total.

2 thoughts on “Should we judge our LEP by results?

  1. I agree with Paul. Where there are bodies consuming public funds, or allocating them, they should be judged as to their performance against defined and measurable targets. If they are not judged then they risk being accused of failure because nobody can see any benefit from their presence – and if there is no benefit they should be kicked out, not paid. After all, administering the public purse is not about jollies and PR, but achieving something of recognized value for the population. I wonder what concrete measures are in place to allow judgement on the LEP. Perhaps we should be told.


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