Consultation by Parliament should be more than asking people for their views then ignoring them

Concluding paragraph of article

“The analysis of the UK Parliament’s attempt to integrate the public’s voice into the legislative process shows, therefore, that while the public’s view may enhance the understanding of the consequences of a bill and therefore enhance its scrutiny, this in itself does not constitute effectiveness. In order to have a greater impact on legislation, its integration needs to be thought through as something more integral to the legislative process rather than simply sitting in parallel with it. Integrating the public’s view directly into representative institutions requires a very careful consideration of their role and of the processes in place to facilitate it and to maximise its effect on scrutiny.”

One thought on “Consultation by Parliament should be more than asking people for their views then ignoring them

  1. Yet here in East Devon we know that for 17 years Swire has utterly ignored his electorate, and not just those who failed to vote for him.
    He is intrinsically part and parcel of the insidious Tory hierarchy who believe that they have ( like the Catholic Church) a right assigned by deity to rule.
    Politically this country will not progress until a popular uprising rids us of this curse … the question is, how will the revolution manifest itself?
    Labour in government must address this question and make fundamental changes to electoral representation.
    They must embrace proportional representation ( which is not in their interest, but IS in the interest of democracy)
    However , conversations with an Exmouth socialist dinosaur lead me to believe this is unlikely to happen soon!


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