To a recent correspondent …

Owl has received a communication which is not being published. However, Owl gives the correspondent the following information:

Owl is NOT Cassandra.
Owl has no Twitter account, although the blog posts DO get an automatic Facebook and Twitter link, nothing else.
The phrase “I know where you live” feels just a tiny bit threatening.

3 thoughts on “To a recent correspondent …

  1. FFS. Make sure you keep a hard copy, in case it needs to go to the police. It sounds like its just someone trying to wind you up. We live in such absurd times. PS keep up the good work – you often post things I’ve not seen and I appreciate it very much. Know that you have supporters out here! A hug, Helen


  2. As IT support for the Owl, I can independently confirm to this correspondent that the WordPress account / email address on the comment from Cassandra is NOT that of the Owl. Owl is not afraid of anyone and has no need to use pseudonyms.

    P.S. Do I detect a certain paranoia from this particular correspondent? And just how would they find out where the Owl lives (except by guessing it might be a barn or a tree)? Definitely more than a little bit creepy.


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