Michael Caines’ new beach bar has £75 cancellation fee

Exmouth’s highly anticipated waterfront restaurant Mickeys Beach Bar and Restaurant is set to open on Monday, May 17, and people far and wide are excited to visit.

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Mickeys Beach Bar and Restaurant – owned by celebrity chef Michael Caines – is set to serve some of the finest food and drink in East Devon whilst overlooking Exmouth’s stunning beach.

But for those who leave it until the last day to cancel their reservation, you’ll face an eye watering fine.

The cancellation fee within 24 hours of a booking is £75 for dinner and £40 for lunch.

A spokesperson for the venue said: ”Many restaurants now operate with a deposit policy or ticketing system – asking for full payment at the time of booking in order to generate revenue to cover the costs of rent, rising business rates, insurance, staff, produce etc, but that’s not the right answer for us here as we’re more community-focused.

”Instead, we have a simple, fair and upfront cancellation policy – it only applies if there’s less than 24 hours notice and the fee varies accordingly with lunch (£40) and dinner (£75) reservations.

”Cancel for free just by giving more than 24hrs notice prior to your reservation.

”Plans change, people forget to cancel, diners book multiple options, and emergencies happen – we get it, but cancellations are an annoying reality!”

Although it doesn’t happen everyday, no shows and cancellations are inevitable in the hospitality industry.

A spokesperson for Mickey’s adds: ”The average no show rate alone is anywhere between ten to twenty per cent of a restaurants’ covers. It’s estimated that it costs the UK’s restaurants £16 billion per year.

”With cancellations on top of that, this can be devastating to a restaurant, especially independents and new launches.

”A survey that went out last year found that 27% don’t cancel because they can’t be bothered and 9% don’t cancel because they book several restaurants and decide which they’ll attend nearer to the time.

”A cancellation fee is a nod to our customers that we take their reservations seriously and vice versa that they take our business seriously. It also ensures we have reservations from people who really do want to dine with us. This in turn makes sure that we’re fully booked, that the ambience is just right, the waitlist is kept to a minimum and the number of diners enjoying their experience at a maximum.

”We’ve spent a lot of time researching and asking our guests for their feedback on our policies and the majority wholeheartedly approve of a cancellation fee! They, like us, support the #NoMoreNoShows movement.

”Why is that? Simple – people don’t like to dine in a half-empty restaurant or wait months for a table because it’s been rife with no shows. Guests like the atmosphere to be buzzing, fun, and filled with other people enjoying the experience too. They want a memorable visit.”

While talking about Michael Caines:

In a post in February, Owl also noted that Lympstone manor has opened five indulgent Shepherd huts – complete with outdoor hot tubs, rolltop baths and walk-in showers,  www.exmouthjournal.co.uk but so far had been unable to find a related planning permission for these structures in the curtilage of a listed building.

There is a form of ‘permitted development’ allowing land to be used without planning permission ‘for any purpose for not more than 28 (now 56) days in total in any calendar year. (Now being used for pop-up glamping sites). Although Owl is unclear as to whether this applies in designated landscapes.

Earlier this week Owl posted this retrospective application appearing in the EDDC planning list:

Siting of six shepherds huts with external decking, 3 boiler houses/log stores, one with decking area, and associated infrastructure (retrospective application) Lympstone Manor Hotel Courtlands Lane Exmouth EX8 3NZRef. No: 21/0751/FUL | Validated: Mon 26 Apr 2021 | Status: Awaiting decision

One thought on “Michael Caines’ new beach bar has £75 cancellation fee

  1. There is legislation on Competition and Markets Authority gov website that suggests Caines’ fines may not be that enforceable
    The business can only charge for actual losses – so is the minimum spend £75 per head? And I believe they have a duty to try and find customers to take the cancelled covers even within last 24 hours..
    Though I love a challenge (I took on Hoover with others as founder members of the HHPG for those old enough to remember it- and flew to the US.) it isn’t enough to incline me to book a table .
    Note of possible interest to potential game show competitors: The Hoover Holiday Protection Group, and the scam Hoover ran , was directly responsible for barcodes on tracked mailing that we are so familiar with now. Hoover were signing once per bag of registered mail, then claiming the registered applications hadn’t been received. As a direct result of the scam, Royal Mail subsequently introduced the bar code system now used everywhere allowing tracking of each item without a separate signature for each one.


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