Simon Jupp on “moral bankruptcy”

Looks to Owl like Simon has been asking another of his “planted” questions in the House.

Photo of Simon JuppSimon Jupp Conservative, East Devon

I thank my hon. Friend for the strength of the Government’s response to the moral bankruptcy that P&O Ferries demonstrated at the Select Committee last week, and I welcome the Government’s commitments to protect seafarers in the future. Does my hon. Friend agree that every step needs to be taken to ensure that seafarers are properly protected in the future?

Photo of Robert CourtsRobert Courts Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department for Transport)

Moral bankruptcy is precisely the point; my hon. Friend puts his finger on it. We are taking every step. We will come forward with a package. We want to make sure that we get this right and are keen to make sure that people are protected

Remember the government and Grant Shapps knew about the P&O sackings 24 hours in advance, but failed to intervene.

 In October of last year, new laws preventing businesses from laying off staff and taking them back on with different – often worse – pay and terms were rejected by the government, on the instructions of Boris Johnson.

Which way did our indignant Simon Jupp vote then? – Owl

One thought on “Simon Jupp on “moral bankruptcy”

  1. There are countless examples of Tory hypocrisy over the years, but this is perhaps the ultimate in moral hypocrisy.

    The Conservative and Union Party has been morally bankrupt for several decades – their anti-democratic tactics and secret agendas since the late 1970s leave no doubt about that.

    So for any Conservative MP to accuse others of moral bankruptcy is rank hypocrisy oft he finest kind.


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