Slashing Civil Service jobs – the incoherence of slogan politics

Cutting civil service jobs is an old chestnut that plays well with the right wing.

Owl looks at three consequences of this proposed solution to the cost of living crisis that has emerged in place of an emergency budget from the Stoke-on-Trent awayday.

Depriving 91,000 (one in five) civil servants of their jobs, as we teeter on the brink of recession, seems a perverse way of dealing with the short term impact of the  cost of living crisis. It surely can only make matters worse.

The civil service has been increased to deal with Brexit. Reducing it  size will  inevitably reduce the services the government can deliver.  With 38 new bills announced in the Queen’s speech, what is the government now going to stop doing? Boris Johnson’s administration consistently falls short on delivery eg issuing visas to Ukrainian refugees. Its record on the value for money of contracting work out cronies isn’t too good either.

Civil service jobs are (or were until the cabinet went on its awayday brainstorming session) considered by the government to be so prestigious that a key part of the Levelling Up programme envisages moving 22,000 of them out of London. The recent Bloomberg analysis points this up as one of the consistent failings of Boris Johnson to meet his own levelling up targets. Only a couple of days ago Michael Gove gave us his views that arithmetical targets were not a thing of beauty.