None of the above!

Promises, promises.

Liz Truss says she will make £11bn savings from cuts in Whitehall staff in sums that don’t add up (the total bill is only £9bn); and Rishi Sunak promises to cut income tax from 20% to 16% on the back of rapid economic growth (remember the promise of our Local Enterprise Partnership, HotSW, to double economic growth in 20 years which hasn’t gone anywhere?

But it seems the electorate isn’t that impressed:

Exeter voters unimpressed with Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss

Olivier Vergnault

Voters in Devon have been left less than impressed with the choice of candidates battling it out to replace ousted Boris Johnson in 10 Downing Street. Residents in Exeter made no secret of how little respect Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss inspire in them as the two candidates prepared to have it out at a husting in the city.

As reported by The Mirror, punters in the city didn’t hold back when describing the two candidates, with many saying both of them represent a ‘poor choice for Britain’. Rachel Hartland, 72, was scathing when she said: “It’s an absolute bottom-of-the-barrel choice of people. I really feel that both of them have already served in the Cabinet and they have been found wanting. They shouldn’t be there, we should have more options.”

The art gallery owner added: “Rishi Sunak is insubstantial in his entire presence, he’s too flimsy. Liz Truss is trying to be like Margaret Thatcher but if she comes into power we will go to war with Russia.”

Terry Hibberd, 56, who works in John Lewis, said he was not keen on either of them as he didn’t feel they have the interests of the peoeple at heart. He added: “They are careerists – all politicians are careerists. Out of the two of them, it’s a really hard choice. I would probably go for the lady but only because I don’t know so much about her. I wasn’t a Boris fan but he was good for entertainment value, but it’s a serious position to be in so you can’t have a joker.”

Rebecca Nisbet, 19, a gap year student due to study biology at Newcastle University, said the whole saga with Boris Johnson and the leadershhip race had been a shambles. She added: “Rishi Sunak’s out of touch with real people because he’s so wealthy and he has seemed really quite arrogant. I don’t like Liz Truss because she’s very ‘quick fix’ – say this, say that because that will get her where she wants to be.

“People say she’s experienced but when I think of statesmen-like people in the past, there were so many good people – Tories, Labour, the Lib Dems – and now we’ve got this lot.”

Ben Laes, 40, a teacher, said he would like Rishi Sunak to win because he feels his policies make a bit more sense than Liz Truss’s, who he thinks has ‘gone for the populist approach, not necessarily backed up with the evidence’. He added: “I still think they [the Conservatives] will win the next election though, whoever wins. I don’t think Keir Starmer has got enough to sway enough voters.”

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are the ‘two worst’ candidates for leader, Young Tories say

Chloe Chaplain (Extract)

Tory MPs are “out of touch” with party membership and voter base and choosing Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss as finalists will damage the party’s chances in next election, young Conservatives have said.

A group of young activists discussed their views on the Conservative party leadership race and credentials of the candidates on offer so far and told i they feared losing the next election was inevitable.

Some said they were disappointed with final two in the leadership race because – having served in senior Cabinet positions – they are both too close to Boris Johnson, whom they warned is killing the traditional Tory vote.

And they condemned “embarrassing” public swipes Tory MPs in rival camps have been having with each other…….