Local Plan: last two days of consultation – Crealy Park & Greendale feel left out

As reported earlier, the Down and Carter families, who own land between Crealy Theme Park and Greendale, are lobbying hard.

Their preferred site for a new garden village didn’t make the EDDC short list.

No doubt they miss the influence the East Devon Business Forum (EDBF) once had.

[All you need to know on the EDBF can be found here on this 2014 post, one or two of the old members are still lurking around in addition to Down and Carter such as Conservative leader Cllr Philip Skinner. They are all name checked on the referenced post.]

They have had to resort to using facebook and this attractive and official looking marketing website https://www.greenhayes.info/

3 thoughts on “Local Plan: last two days of consultation – Crealy Park & Greendale feel left out

  1. In fact, none even if no new town!!!
    Half of the otter valley has now
    Been given permission to be dug up and carted away for profit of AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES in the shape of gravel and sand !!!! Ottery is doomed , it’s historic importance and the lives of the current population
    Blighted ! And traffic on the A 30 ? ….. wait and see……about 200 lorries per day to take the stuff away for processing ???
    Anyway …..no more housing developments for Ottery ….. irrespective of new town or not!!!!
    And absolutely keep promise no developments in villages or east Devon towns if new town
    If new town ; have EDDC learnt lessons in cranbrook? Roads double parked (on both sides of roads) stop access for health and care professionals and ambulances and other emergency services !
    Signed: elli pang ( Ottery st MARY) in haste !
    more car parks – YES PLEASE

    elli pAng (private – capacity)


    • Owl’s persistence and wisdom throughout decades, shining a light into the darkest corners of East Devon, remains unparalleled!

      Is this a case of “he who pays the piper calls the tune’ because since medieval times, wealthy barons and landowners have controlled our societies, with poorer community members having to tolerate their dictatorial practices? Sadly in 2023 this appears still rife, with those with the greatest wealth believing they are above both the laws of the land and democracy, resulting in them operating under their own rules – doing whatever they wish – leaving the ‘average man(woman) in the street’ seemingly only able to be a spectator!
      The East Devon Business Forum may not now be directly wielding planning power – but the controlling personalities still remain ‘in the mix’, fuelled by their incessant greed to add to their accumulated millions, which grow larger by the minute!

      Planning is not ‘the fair playing field’ that most of us wish it to be – whilst East Devon citizens are threatened by local authority enforcement (if garden fences are erected a few centimetres too high!) – two massive industrial estates, either side of the A3052, creep surreptitiously into green landscapes with sizeable illegal lorry parks in use, large, ancient oaks are felled over a weekend to gain a larger access to potential development land on A376 and planning/environmental conditions are flouted over 8 years at an odorous, noisy, polluting industrial-sized Biodigester! The landed gentry continue to increase their ‘pots of gold’ in spite of local authority regulations and protocols and are proficient at ‘ducking and diving’ aided and abetted by their well-paid advisors!

      Whether actual bribery occurs in developmental planning is debatable – but the higher echelons of national and local government have been infiltrated to influence decision-making and local professional developmental planners are certainly pressurised into making questionable decisions!

      Is this new Local Plan merely tokenism to the minions to lull us into a false sense of security? Will the landed-gentry forfeit their centuries-old control? Not likely – when there are so many more millions to be made from development? However, the good news is that (according to East Devon planners) we will ALL gain from the economic benefits – but obviously some of us will gain more than others!!

      We certainly need a present-day Pied Piper Champion to rid us of the rats, control the fat cats and reform a broken system? Someone to seek retribution when they renege on their pledges – or is true comeuppance only delivered in fairy tales?


  2. In response to Sentinel’s question in his/her penultimate paragraph the Local Plan may indeed be of token benefit but the lack of one was considered to be of great benefit during the notorious period of maximum EDBF influence. At the time the failure to produce one was considered to be a deliberate act, an example of what Cllr Skinner has more recently referred to as strategic planning.


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