East Devon District Council invests in “reputation management” software

It has been noticed that recent press releases from EDDC have a new internet address:


This is apparently specialist software used by (presumably) Devon County Council and other district councils in the area (Teignbridge seems to have the same address).

In its advertising blurb, the company which produces the software says:

Proactive stakeholder engagements, powerful media and parliamentary contacts, in-depth monitoring of coverage and outcomes, and other features makes Vuelio the most comprehensive solution for managing the media and other stakeholder relationships that are critical to your organisation.

Vuelio ensures your communications teams have easy access to all the intelligence – briefing papers, strategy documents, and lines to take – on all of the issues affecting their organisation. They are ready to react to queries from any stakeholder group and are armed with all the information they need to ensure that they address these stakeholder interactions in a personalised manner and deliver a consistent message to avoid dangerous discrepancies.


And it goes on to say:

Capture key details of all your stakeholders, the organisations to which they are affiliated, their power and influence and relationships between them. Includes the most comprehensive journalist and parliamentary database for finding the right contacts for your message.

Source: http://www.aimediacomms.com/vuelio/key-features/

It also appears that it can be used for computer-generated monitoring of Freedom of Information complaints:

Vuelio CM transforms the normally labour intensive management of FOI requests and complaints into an automated, efficient electronic process. It also allows users to easily capture, store, and process requests in line with legislative requirements.

With Vuelio CM, you will never miss a deadline; alerts and reminders keep you posted when action is required. Powerful searching helps with the identification of precedents and similar enquiries increasing response times and reducing duplication of effort. Easy access to management reports enables the monitoring of workloads, and prioritisation of resources.

Here are details of one of the reputation management seminars they have hostedd:


Setting aside the dreadful jargon – why exactly does a Press Office require such software and how much is it costing US to manage THEIR reputation. Or is our Press Office now a robot!