Sidford Fields industrial park: Councillor Hughes talks as if it is a shoo-in

… DCC highways boss, Councillor Stuart Hughes said: “Facilities for pedestrians at Sidford Cross are less than ideal and that is unlikely to be helped once further development takes place at the proposed business park.

“We will be able to assess the transport assessment of the business park planning application in detail once it has been submitted to see what the impact of the development will be on this junction.

“From the initial site meeting we’ve had, it appears that the only sensible solution would be for an all-red phase of lights, with some form of pedestrian crossing across the middle of the junction – but design work would be needed on all of the possible options, because it would clearly impact on how the junction operates.”

Allowing time for survey and design work to be carried out, the earliest any proposal could be considered would be at the council’s autumn meeting.

Cllr Hughes admitted the council has a limited budget but expressed hope developer contributions could be negotiated, or external funding sought.”

So, that’s that then – Sidford Fields sorted, even down to a possible developer contribution, and even before a planning application is in.