Neil Parish does the Brexit hokey-cokey


He was one of 79 Tory MPs who voted with the opposition to force the EU referendum.

He then backed – vociferously – Remain,

Now he backs Brexiter Andrea Leadsom.

Hugo Swire has not yet declared. Might he also back a Brexiter?

Well, you have to be flexible in the Parliamentary jobs market.

2 thoughts on “Neil Parish does the Brexit hokey-cokey

  1. There’s even more to this. Having been enthusiastic for the Referendum but then backing Remain, on the night of the count (I was there) Parish was apparently still backing Cameron to stay too. He then switched to BORIS JOHNSON after the vote, enthusing about him on Spotlight, before going over to the robotic Leadsom after Gove knifed Johnson. So which side was/is he really on over Europe? Flexible indeed.


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