Local Tories did NOT lose control of EDDC because of Brexit!

How does Owl know this?

Because the 31 Independents elected on Thursday did not mention Brexit at all when appealing to voters to vote for them!

VERY easy to blame national politics for local losses … no – you lost because you put your party (and your party’s donors) before your district.

Never mind, you have 4 years to work out what to do next time!

“Government ferry contracts for no-deal Brexit to be cancelled costing £50 million”

The party of efficiency and business?

And Swire thinks they are the best party to sort out a climate emergency by leaving it to “the market”!


“Anti-depressant use higher in Devon than any other region in the UK”

Perhaps Swire and Parish have a view on this?

Universal credit?
Lack of suitable housing?
Education cuts?
All of the above?
All of the above and more?


How did Parish vote on EU last night?

Neil Parish
Voting record on the following Brexit proposals:

No-deal: Leaving the EU on 12 April without a deal (John Baron’s proposal – 160 for, 400 against)

Did not vote
Common Market 2.0: Remaining in the European single market and seeking a temporary customs union with the EU (Nick Boles’ proposal – 188 for, 283 against)

EFTA and EEA: Remaining in the European single market but not forming a customs union with the EU (George Eustice’s proposal – 65 for, 377 against)

Customs union: Seeking a UK-wide customs union with the EU (Ken Clarke’s proposal – 264 for, 272 against)

Labour’s alternative plan: Negotiating changes to the withdrawal agreement so that it includes protections to workers’ rights, a permanent customs union, and close alignment to the single market (Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal – 237 for, 307 against)

Revoke Article 50: Cancelling Brexit if the UK gets within days of leaving the EU without a deal (Joanna Cherry’s proposal – 184 for, 293 against)

Second referendum: Holding another public vote to confirm any withdrawal agreement agreed by Parliament (Margaret Beckett’s proposal – 268 for, 295 against)

Standstill arrangement: Seeking a tariff-free trade agreement with the EU that will last for two years, during which time Britain will contribute to the EU budget (Marcus Fysh’s proposal – 139 for, 422 against)