“UK tourism industry set to struggle under post-Brexit immigration plans”

“… Set to come into force in 2021, the proposed immigration plans feature a minimum-salary requirement of £30,000 a year. At present, the average salary of tourism workers is estimated at £17,000. A large number of UK tourism businesses, surveyed by UKinbound, believe they will be unable to operate should the cap come into play – this amounts to 65% of businesses nationally, , rising to 73% in London and 88% in Northern Ireland. …”


“Trump’s Plan for the NHS” on TV tonight, Channel 4, 8 pm

Tonight Channel 4 Dispatches, 8 pm:

“Antony Barnett investigates how a future trade deal with President Trump’s America might leave the NHS footing a bill for billions, with less money for UK healthcare. US drug giants are lobbying negotiators to make the NHS pay more for medicines.”