Letter to Sidmouth Herald edited – do you agree?

The writer of this letter had one crucial sentence (the last one, in bold) taken out by Sidmouth Herald where it was recently published:

In last Friday’s Sidmouth Herald a short letter I had submitted for the Opinion page was printed – but minus its final sentence, thus taking away its punch line.

The letter submitted said:- ”

The Chairman of the Sidmouth Town Council Planning Committee is reported as telling the Planning meeting considering the Sidford Business Park that “It’s in the Local Plan. We have to fight the details”.

It only remains in the Local Plan because the EDDC voted, on 26 March 2015, to remove it – but in apparent ignorance of the fact that, the plan having already been submitted to the Inspector, they needed to send him evidence to support their decision. None was sent!

It is now up to us to overcome this incompetence. We have to challenge not just the details but the whole principle of building a Business Park ( a fancy name for an Industrial Estate!) on this site and on this scale.”


The proposal is yet another toxic legacy of the late, but unlamented, East Devon Business Forum.

Do you agree with this censorship?