Seaton/Colyford green wedge under attack from developers for the fourth time

Amended Planning Application 15/2188/MOUT

hosted by
Seaton & Colyford Green Wedge Community Action Group

Wednesday 12th October 7.00pm
Seaton Town Council Office Meeting Room
Marshlands Centre, Harbour Road, Seaton EX12 2LT

The above Meeting will be Chaired by Howard West, Leader of the Group, and Martin Shaw, a Seaton Town Councillor and Chair of their Planning Committee will also speak and explain the details of the Application. They will both be taking questions.

If you have looked at the paperwork in more detail, you will notice there is only one football pitch, with a Training & Recreation Area, plus parking and a Club House. Seaton FC were asking for two pitches. The Application mentions that there will be no floodlighting to the Recreation Area and Training Ground, but does not mention about the football pitch! Therefore we must assume that there will be floodlighting, as there is on the existing football pitch in Seaton.

This is a Public Meeting and you are all invited to come along and participate in the discussion. The Marshlands Centre is situated at the Harbour Road roundabout and there is limited parking on site. There is plenty of parking in the vicinity including Tescos (max 2 hours)”

2 thoughts on “Seaton/Colyford green wedge under attack from developers for the fourth time

  1. This development is not needed all, It has been rejected 3 times already, the council turned it down , the Inspector turned it down.
    Anyway, 150 houses, many go to holiday homes and buy to lets, many more sold off to housing associations from all over the country, this does very little to ease housing shortages for local people. Why does not EDDC learn. This land was not designated for building on . The application was submitted a year ago and now we have a miserly two weeks in which to submit our comments.
    We all know what happens to planning permission conditions, they are ignored. We need to shout loud over this!


  2. Let’s hope that they don’t assume, but instead insist on it being made a planning permission condition.


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