Important health meeting in Seaton on 23 March

From the blog of DCC East Devon Alliance councillor Martin Shaw:

“Seaton and Area Health Matters – Going Forward Together

Friday 23rd March 2018 – Seaton Town Hall

9.00 for 9.30 am start – 1.00pm

Book here: (right click on link to open booking form)

You are invited to participate in this community led event with key stakeholders around the future health and wellbeing of all the people in our communities, in response to the new landscape affecting Seaton and surrounding area as a result of NHS and Government policies advocating Place-Based Care in health provision and cross-sector collaborative working with community groups

The aim: To discuss what we know, where there are gaps/challenges and how, as a community we will address these to ensure collaborative approaches to co-design and co-produce local health services/activities that meet the needs of all the people in our communities.

Invitees: Management and senior level employees and volunteers / trustees from community, voluntary and social enterprise sector as well as public and private organisations.

Area to include: Seaton, Colyford & Colyton, Beer, Axmouth, Branscombe


Welcome: Mayor of Seaton – Cllr Jack Rowland

Community Context:

Dr Mark Welland – Chairman of Seaton & District Hospital League of Friends
Roger Trapani – Community Representative, Devon Health and Care Forum
Charlotte Hanson – Chief Officer, Action East Devon
Strategic and Services Overview – Place Based Care:

Laura Waterton – Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
Richard Anderson – Health and Social Care Community Services Manager
Dr Jennie Button – Social Prescribing Lead – Ways 2 Wellbeing project in Seaton
Workshop, Networking and Discussion will form the main part of this event:

Workshop 1 – What is working well and what are the challenges for Seaton and surrounding area?
Workshop 2 – Working together to improve health and wellbeing outcomes? What support do we need?”

Important community conversation on health and wellbeing in Seaton and area to begin on 23rd March

Seaton Heights on the market – again!

How many times is this? Four, five …? More? It will certainly be more difficult to sell now the centre-sited Premier Inn is up and running as from tomorrow.

“… The site is overgrown and presents certain hazards associated with derelict buildings. Accordingly, all viewers are strongly advised
to wear appropriate footwear and clothing. All viewers enter the site at their own risk. The vendors, and their agents, cannot accept
any responsibility or liability for any injury or damage caused.

Viewing Arrangements
There will be three scheduled viewing events:

Friday 9th February
Tuesday 13th February
Thursday 22nd February

Appointments to view must be pre-arranged
and confirmed with either of the joint agents.

Method of Sale
For sale by informal tender with all bids to be received no later than 12pm noon on Thursday 8th March 2018.”

Particulars here (or via link above):

Exmouth sees drop in second home sales

“The number of second homes in Exmouth has fallen by almost three per cent since 2015. But, the town still has the second highest number in East Devon.

An FOI request, submitted by the Journal, revealed that on average, for every 38 properties in the town, there was one second home.

The statistics revealed there were 16,987 households in Exmouth and of these 422 were second homes, meaning they made up around 2.6 per cent of the total number of properties.

Over the last three years, the number of second homes across the district has slowly been decreasing. Across East Devon there are 69,333 households, with 2,339 being used as second homes. This has fallen by 2.8 per cent since 2015.

In Exmouth, the drop was slightly more, with a three per cent decrease from 459 to 442. Estate agents have suggested this is down to the increase on stamp duty when purchasing a second house. Mike Dibble, a director Bradleys Estate Agents, said anybody who bought a second home now paid an extra three per cent in stamp duty. He added: “For example, if you are a first-time buyer and purchase a home for £250,000, the stamp duty would be £2,500.
“But, if you are buying a second home or a buy-to-let then you would pay an extra £7,500, paying a total of £10,000 in stamp duty”.

Mr Dibble added the estate agents sold ‘nowhere near’ as many second homes as they used to.

The town with the most second homes was Sidmouth, which by April of this year, had a total of 471. The town has half the number of households compared to Exmouth and statistically, of Sidmouth’s 7,885 properties, six per cent are second homes.

The third highest was Seaton where around 5.4 per cent of the total number of properties are second homes – for every 19 properties in Seaton there is around one second home.

An East Devon District Council spokeswoman said: “There are a large number of second homes in East Devon for which the owners pay council tax in the same way as do all other home owners in the district.”

Journal 14 December 2017

The original article:

Seaton’s only direct bus to RDE to cease on 21 January 2018

Seaton used to have 6 direct buses a day to Exeter, then it went down to 4 and there are now only 2 and no e on Sundays. The X52 service will end on 21 January 2018. The inly alternative thereafter will be the 9A via Sidmouth, necessitating a change in Exeter to get to the RDE.

Seaton, with its closed community hospital, new Jurassic Visitor Centre and Premier Inn truly will be the end of the Exeter/East Devon health and transport Universe!!!

If you live in Seaton, perhaps consider moving to Cranbrook which has better road and rail transport (though it does have other major drawbacks!).

People with hospital appointments, jobs or education in Exeter will only be able to catch buses at 6.33, 7.05 or 7.50 am. First buses for bus pass holders to Exeter will be 10 am arriving 11.30. For those returning from Exeter, the last bus will be 19.05 arriving Seaton 20.14.

6.50, 7.50 and 9am. Last bus from Exeter 19.05

First bus to Exeter 9am
Last bus to Seaton: 18.05

Free entry to Seaton Jurassic for lottery players 11-17 December

Said to be a “thank you” for lottery funding.

But funding was from previous players, not current ones.

However, it will boost attendance figures for 2017 …

Seaton – the UK’s Monacco?

From the people who are continuing to try to build on the Seaton/Colyford green wedge, destroying rare bat feeding routes and breathtaking views of the Wetlands comes another BIG BIG idea:

Is it a plan for when (as we read) the UK becomes a tax haven after Brexit – just like Monacco?

As one commentator said: well, at least that would keep a team if dredgers in business until the first big storm!

Do tors question privatisation – no confidence in contractor Capita

Oh Lord, government says it is “holding Capita’s feet to the fire”. Would that be the same fire that MP Neil Parish said he was holding the CCG’s feet to, just before Honiton and Seaton hospitals closed?

Not much of a fire, feet rather a long way from it.

“Doctors raise alarm about controversial private company’s plans to overhaul cancer screening

GP representatives have raised concerns about the potential risk of delayed or missed cancer diagnosis from a new IT service being developed to administer smear testing for cervical cancer.

The British Medical Association’s GP Committee (GPC) has written to NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens to highlight the continued failures in key back-office functions from paying doctors to registering patients.

The problems all relate to a major contract for primary care “support services” that are essential to the day-to-day running of GP practices, dentists, opticians and pharmacists.

NHS England decided to contract for a single national supplier and awarded a contract to outsourcing giant Capita, starting in September 2015.

The BMA letter says major problems have persisted since NHS England commissioned the service two years ago, changes the letter says are “putting patients at risk”.

But it warns there are more changes planned for next year.

GPC chair Dr Richard Vautrey writes: “We understand that new systems for both cervical screening and GP payments and pensions are due to go live in July of next year.

“We are very concerned that preparations are not sufficiently advanced at this stage of the projects to guarantee a seamless transfer to the new service.”

“We have no confidence in Capita’s ability to deliver this service,” the letter adds.

A spokesperson for Capita told The Independent that a final date had not been set, but did confirm that a July deadline has been discussed.

They added that the new service was being developed alongside NHS England, NHS Digital and Public Health England.

Capita’s support services website shows it is responsible for updating and operating key elements of the National Cervical Screening Programme.

The programme invites women aged 25 and 64 years for a routine smear test every three years, and health chiefs warned earlier this year that screening uptake had hit a 19-year low. …

… A Capita spokesperson said: “This is a major transformation project to modernise a localised and unstandardised service, which inevitably has meant some challenges.

“This letter does not accurately reflect our involvement and responsibilities in PCSE, nor does it reflect our recent correspondence from NHS England who have recognised the improvements and significant progress being made across services in 2017, which has been demonstrated through improved and increasing customer satisfaction.

NHS England said: “We are holding Capita’s ‘feet to the fire’ on needed improvements”.