Proposed Sidford Industrial estate – flooding issues

Being planned on older flooding regulations because the application went in before they changed.

Today’s newspaper:

“The A375 between Sidford and Sidbury road is partially flooded and difficult driving conditions are reported on the A375 Sidbury Hill in both directions. Cotford and Woolbrook Road are also flooded.”

The Environment Agency is already in trouble for not spending money it was allocated for natural flood prevention schemes.

What about unnatural flood increase schemes?

If you had a child car seat that you bought a while ago that was declared unsafe for children under new regulations, would you continue to use it?

Why are developers allowed to ignore new regulations if their planning applications went in before changes which are designed to keep people and property safer?

UPDATE 5 pm: “The A375 is closed at Sidbury due to flooding and a landslip.”

2 thoughts on “Proposed Sidford Industrial estate – flooding issues

  1. and inadequate attenuation at the proposed development at Knowle could burst the drains lower down, even in the town…


    • If the relatively flat Feniton can have fountains of sewerage erupting out of toilets, imagine just how spectacular it can be when you have gravity assisting the process with the sewerage emanating from the Knowle adding its weight (literally) to the force of pressure creating the geyser.

      Should we be thinking Icelandic or Yellowstone Park heights of ejection?


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