East Devon house prices rise 8.3% in one year – by far the largest increase in Devon

House prices in Exeter are rising twice as fast in Plymouth, new official figures published today show.

Property prices nationally rose 5.7 per cent for the year to April, the Land Registry’s latest data showed on Tuesday, making the average home worth £236,519.

Experts says the market has defied the Brexit slowdown and bounced back.

Devon saw a lower overall rise of 4.2 per cent over the 12-month period, leaving a home in the county valued on average at £243,072.

The biggest increase was east Devon, where an 8.3 per cent rise took prices to £271,141.

A fraction behind was the city of Exeter, where homes soared by 8.2 per cent compared to 4.1 per cent in Plymouth.

Exeter’s average home is now almost worth a quarter of a million, at £249,571, up from £230,680 in April 2016, the House Price Index said.”


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