Devon and Cornwall’s police and crime commissioner should consider resigning over a row about whether gun owners could act as armed civilians in the event of a terror attack, a member of the Police and Crime Panel, which oversees and scrutinises the commissioner, has told BBC Radio Cornwall.

Alison Hernandez has since said her comments on BBC Radio Cornwall on Monday were “misinterpreted” and she was “not advocating the use of firearms or other weapons by members of the public in the event of a terrorist incident”.

However, panel member and former police officer Chris Batters said: “To make such a statement as she did without having ever consulted with the chief constable, I think, is outrageous.

“I think, at times, she does go off, in a gun term, half-cocked.

“At times, I’m doubtful whether she is up to the job. In the light of comments such as this, I sincerely think she should do [resign], yes.

BBC Devon website 13.18 pm

Owl says: surely, what she said is only half the problem. You really CAN’T misinterpret what she said and it’s the fact that since saying it, she can’t see what she did wrong!

It will be very interesting to see what the Police and Crime Panel (the only group to which she is responsible) handles this one.

Do they retain confidence in her? If so, why?