Better hope that new EDDC HQ is nearly finished …

… as its chosen builder (Interserve) is going through a very rough patch:

Better hope that yew tree spell does the trick:

Check that roof … and the walls … and the wiring … and the plumbing … we wouldn’t want it costing more than the “old” HQ to put right would we …!

One thought on “Better hope that new EDDC HQ is nearly finished …

  1. It is normal when having something built for stage payments to follow on from actual building work – so if Interserve goes bust before it is finished then there will presumably still be funds in the budget to pay another builder to finish the work – but of course the new builder might cost more pushing them into the red.

    And once they have made the final payment, if the builder then goes bust any warranty will be worthless – so if they find any defects that they want fixed under warranty, again that will be extra money.

    Perhaps it might have been be better to choose a builder that was more financially stable in the first place.


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