Neil Parish to stand again for Tiverton and Honiton

Tiverton and Honiton Conservative Association has announced that Neil Parish MP has been [unanimously] re-adopted to stand as the Prospective Conservative Candidate for the next General Election.

Well, it’s a nice, easy job just a short hop from his Somerset farm …

Archant (Exmouth Journal) goes all hysterical again!

Really, Archant “journalists” need remedial training (a course on reporting rather than sensationalising)!

Their article on yesterday’s Global Climate Strike in Exeter is headed:

“Thousands storm County Hall as part of global strike action on climate change”

Were County Hall security staff trampled on?
Was the Leader’s chair ripped from the council chamber?
Was the city silver plate plundered?

No, something over 3,000 people, including many families with very young children, played in the parkland around County Hall, danced to a samba band and did no damage at all!

Shame on you Archant! Anyone might think you are climate change deniers putting out “fake news”!

Possible Jurassic National Park for Dorset and ? East Devon

The Glover Report on National Parks and AONBs has just been published.

Disappointingly, there is no good news for the Jurassic Coast in East Devon – the only new national park suggested is in the Chilterns, with a new national forest based on Sherwood Forest and consideration for a new national park in Dorset only – though in a later part of the report East Devon is confusingly listed for consideration with Dorset!

See page 121 and 153 here:

Click to access landscapes-review-final-report.pdf

This is in no small part due to the reluctance of the previous administration to support a move to include East Devon, as it did not want to lose control of planning. East Devon Alliance put in a submission to support a national park but it wasn’t enough to sway the report writers.

The report had much to say about enhancing AONBs but it needs the will of local politicians to act on its recommendations.

So, all in all, not the best news for our area.