Councillor whose group enabled Sidford Business Park now wants traffic cuts!

EDDC’s Hypocrite of the Year Award should go to Tory councillor Stuart Hughes, whose Tory group when it was in power sneaked in permission for Sidford Business Park to be included in the Local Plan at the last minute. Now he is “trying” to get a vehicle weight restriction in the village!

In 2018 he said it was pointless trying to stop the development on Highways grounds:

Background from 2016 when he and his fellow councillors acted positively and some might say disingenuously to support the business park in Sidford:

Rumour has it that Councillor Hughes is spending much less time in his area these days so try to catch him when you see him if you want to give him your opinion!

New Statesman: Tories very worried about Claire Wright in East Devon

“… Very few surprises in terms of the Labour-Conservative battlegrounds. But noteworthy is that – as is echoed privately by many Conservatives from the area – the government regards Claire Wright, of the independent campaign in East Devon, as a serious challenger for the seat. …”

Sky News headline brings back memories …

The headline:

“John Lewis culls top jobs with Waitrose management merger”

The memories:[



Q: Why are party conferences so important ? A: It’s not the politics!

Lucky Labour and Lib Dems – getting their conferences in during the prorogation-that-never-was!

“James Cleverly, the chairman, has already said it is not going to be cancelled. Political parties make a huge amount of money from their party conferences, because members and lobbyists have to pay to attend (you can read the Tory charges here – pdf) and so it was always going to go ahead, regardless of what the supreme court decided on prorogation. …”

How do you purge Parliament of the spreaders of hatred (and muck)?

If you found the language and behaviour used by Boris Johnson and his cronies objectionable, how do you object? How do you change things?

You can’t write to MPs Swire (retiring) or Parish as they will stick up for him.

You can’t write to most local, regional or national newspapers because they are his sycophantic mouthpieces. And the people who need to know it is objectionable and why don’t read newspapers critical of him.

You can demonstrate, but those demonstrations will be ignored or misrepresented.

Just one thing left – get a decent (and I mean decent) candidate to oppose him, make it a STRAIGHT fight between him and that candidate in his constituency and make every effort to persuade the voters there to


Use the democratic processes he scorns and despises to oust him.

The same way a Tory candidate should be in a straight fight with Claire Wright in East Devon and even (hope beyond hope here) against Parish in Tiverton and Honiton.

Ed Milliband nails tonight’d disgusting performance from Boris Johnson

So, so shocked at Johnson’s behaviour in Parliament this evening, particularly his disdain for the late Jo Cox, MP. Surely no-one can think he and his equally reprehensible cronies are fit to govern this country.

What we saw tonight was a sociopathic narcissist man-child, cornered. A deeply disturbing sight.

Waiting to see what Hugo Swire and East Devon Tories have to say.