“Tory candidates issued with attack manuals on how to smear rivals”

Taking their lead from the Trump playbook – tell the biggest porkies and the masses will fall for them.

What a dirty, dirty election this is.

“Conservative candidates in the general election have been issued with a detailed dossier on how to attack Labour and Liberal Democrat rivals which contains numerous rehashed and potentially misleading claims, the Guardian can reveal.

The documents accuse the Liberal Democrats of pushing “pro-pimp” policies and sex work as a career for schoolchildren.

They also reheat a discredited claim that Labour’s policy on free movement would lead to 840,000 migrants coming to the UK each year.

Drafted by the Conservative research department, the documents are designed to provide candidates with approved messages to use on doorsteps across the country.

One 17-page briefing note is specifically for Tories in seats where the main challenge comes from Labour. Another 19-page document is for candidates fighting a Liberal Democrat threat.

Many of the statements within them are sourced from comments made several years ago, or by local party members, and do not accurately reflect the current positions of opposition parties.

Some draw on pledges made in the run-up to the 2015 election, or take statements out of context. …”


2 thoughts on ““Tory candidates issued with attack manuals on how to smear rivals”

  1. Why rely on the positive message for your own policies (if in fact you had any – or any that were not widely discredited) when you can smear the opposition with misleading, out of date or plain false/fake information about THEIR policies.

    What is surprising is that Conservative Party can be bankrupt of both morals/ethics and policies and yet continue to have even a hope of a majority in Parliament. I guess that this just goes to show that if you have billionaires bankrolling your advertising and the right-wing press (owned by billionaires) on your side peddling emotional claptrap and factually-inaccurate propaganda (i.e. lies), and in effect brainwashing a large chunk of the population into believing the worst of the opposition and the best of you, then being the #NastyParty and having no genuine policies doesn’t make any difference.


  2. Had a leaflet arrive this morning from CCHG setting out (again) the already disposed of untruth that all taxpayers are due a £2400 hike in their taxes with a Corbyn administration. and making the proposal that it is best not to vote Labour. In tiny writing on the front it says ‘vote for Simon Jupp’ . I had never heard of Simon Jupp until a week ago, and there is no other mention of him on this leaflet, which is impertinent enough to tell me to vote for him. No photo, no CV, no statement of suitability for office, no trace of a policy, no ideas, no website, no email address, no sign that Simon Jupp is a real person, or merits any attention whatever.

    So, in order that I should consider voting for this Simon Jupp, who Owl has suggested is not sure who he works (or worked) for, or indeed, who he himself is, I pass on to the Conservative website, where I now see many photos of Simon Jupp, who at first I mistake for a tourist who likes to be photographed with random bystanders in as many places as possible with placards saying he is delivering something – maybe he’s on a zero hours for Hermes or whoever. Then I spot his ‘opinions’ posted with the photos. And it is clear enough he does actually think he is a candidate for election to the constituency of East Devon, I can no longer suppose otherwise. But his ‘views’ are dry recantations of Tory mythologies on Brexit (that they’ll ‘get it done’ – no they won’t), that they have saved community hospitals (no they haven’t – they’ve closed them) and on and on through the formulaic dissembling required of the modern Tory candidate.

    I suppose with a record in government as bad as the Tories, there is little else to do bar slag off the opposition, and even that involves conscious deception and willful mendacity. In East Devon we have endured eighteen years of lacklustre representation from someone who was sent here for an easy ride and meal ticket. Simon Jupp looks like another one of those and by God we do not want any more of that. It really is time we voted in someone who knows the place and cares about it. And that is Claire Wright – no question.

    The leaflet above did have a ‘return address’ in small on the front. So I duly Pritt Stuck the pages together, marked it ‘return to sender’, rewrote the return address to make it clearer for the posties, and popped it back in the post. Suggest you do the same.


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