Johnson speeds up sanctions: “grace period” to be “slashed” to just six months!

Commentators and the Opposition parties continue to press the government to speed up sanctions.

Tom Peck, again, in yesterday’s Indy:

” … If you’re wondering why it is that France can just seize a superyacht that belongs to Vladimir Putin’s de facto deputy, Igor Sechin, while the UK makes vague commitments to maybe do this kind of thing in 18 months or so, you might find the answer just by staring out the window.

By staring, that is, at the grey spring sky and the driving rain and wondering just what it is that makes this dreary windswept island the go-to destination for the world’s super-rich. They’re here because we want them to be here. We have welcomed them, and their money, in ways that France, Germany, the US, and everywhere else in between would simply never do, by offering them tax arrangements that are an affront to the basic dignity of every British mug that actually works for a living. …”


Boris Johnson has backed down on plans to allow Russian oligarchs 18 months to register ownership of luxury properties in the UK, slashing the proposed “grace period” to six months.

And he announced plans to streamline the process of sanctioning individuals with links to Vladimir Putin, by removing the legal requirement for government lawyers to show that measures are “appropriate” before implementing them.

Is this the best that our “world leading” government can do? How long does it take to “register legitimate ownership”- Owl