Don’t cancel operations – do the maths

Sunak’s cunning plan:

The laugh of the day is the following from our man who says he is PM.

Ben Jennings 

Rishi Sunak tells hospitals not to cancel operations despite pressure on NHS.

I assume he has obtained the number of elective operations that are needed each month.

Then that he has found out how long they take.

Then multiplied them together to get the total operation hours needed.

Then divided by the number of operation hours a team can carry out in a month, not forgetting that they have time off leave and sick leave just like other human beings.

That will give him the number of operating teams needed for elective surgery..

Next I presume he has compared the number needed with the number available, so he knows whether he is asking for the possible.

And next I assume he has costed the work to check it is within budget.

That is why people need to do maths. And it is one of the things those administrators in hospital have to be able to handle.

So Rishi wants everyone to learn maths and he wants hospital operating teams to move faster than the speed of light, something Einstein told us is impossible.