Archant leads Owl’s results awards!

Early on, Devonlive was quickest with results but presentation is clunky, Archant came second – too many photographs to scroll through before reaching results, EDDC third – their official result often trailing the other two.

Not to mention EDDC publishing the wrong result in Seaton (but Owl just did!).

However, Archant cleaned up their page a bit (though called JOHN Loudon David at one point); Devonlive needs far too many clicks to get to badly presented results, EDDC … well, it’s EDDC isn’t it! Where else would a district council count still be going on at 5 pm in two locations…

Well done, Archant – not something Owl says a lot …

Twiss and Allen win Honiton St Micharls and immediately make promises …

Conservative Phil Twiss topped the poll in the Honiton St Michael’s ward with 790 votes.
Fellow Tory Mike Allen was second with 763 and Liberal Democrat Luke Jeffery took the third seat with 700 votes.
Cllr Allen said: “I am delighted Phil Twiss and I have been re-elected so we can continue to serve well as we have done for the past eight years or more.
“But clearly there has been a very strong protest vote nationally with the number of Conservative votes down.
“We will make sure the district council remains strongly orientated towards economic growth and good housing whilst protecting the environment.”