At last night’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting EDDC heard a desperate plea from the local health authority requesting an opportunity to speak to planning officers regarding East Devon’s unsustainable population rise. GP services across the region are already stretched to breaking point. They indicate a clear disconnect between the number of planning approvals and the region’s ability to sustain them.

Tamara Powderly of the NHS Commissioning Board (Eastern) stated ‘If you could just give our doctors the opportunity to talk to you and let the planning officers know their thoughts, we would make the time. It is this demography that is crippling us in the quality of services that our patients need.’

Councillor Mike Allen (Cons, Honiton) noted that East Devon’s new town, Cranbrook,already has 1200 inhabitants and this time next year it will be 2500. The fact that Cranbrook’s ultimate total is supposed to be 8000 seems to be a disaster waiting to happen.

It points to a painful lack of genuine localism from central government who continue pressuring District Authorities to approve more home-building right across England – which for its size is already Europe’s most densely populated nation.