Progress of Local Plan: anyone know the difference between “could and should” and “can and will”?

It is almost an embarrassment to publish the latest correspondence between EDDC and the Local Plan Inspector, Mr Thickett.  The letter from EDDC with its “action plan” is so vague and indeterminate that it is simply a “wish list” (could and should) rather than an “action plan” (can and will).

You can almost hear the irritation in Mr Thickett’s reply.  However, he at least does try to set some sort of timetable (October/November) for the next stage of the process.

Interesting that the whole process will take us up to election time – so developer free-for-all will probably continue till then.

The correspondence:

Letter from EDDC:


The “action plan”


and Mr Thickett’s reply


All correspondence and details of information provided for the Local Plan is HERE

One thought on “Progress of Local Plan: anyone know the difference between “could and should” and “can and will”?

  1. This timetable follows their usual cynical and devious practice with EDDC holding their “consultation period” during peak holiday time. Presumably their aim, yet again, is to minimize the level of response from Jo Public? Does anyone else remember that the original Local Plan consultation included the Christmas holidays?

    “Notwithstanding the above concerns if it is possible to produce a full set of documents,
    and you a re satisfied they will provide a coherent basis for future consultation, then I
    would hope that consultation could run for a six week period starting in August and
    running into September.”


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