The missing 6,000 voters – EDDC is in the worst 6% of councils in the country for voter registration!

Oh, and Hugo Swire was told about this at the time and it may have affected the European election results – all confirmed below:

June 2014:

… The Commission’s detailed analysis of the registration data has identified that in addition to the 5 EROs (for Mid Devon, Taunton Deane, Torridge, West Devon and West Somerset) who reported that they did not meet performance standard 3 – the house-to-house enquiry standard – in 2013, there are a further 17 EROs who did not ensure that during 2013 all non-responding properties were canvassed in person.

These are the EROs for: Broxbourne Borough Council; Castle Point Borough Council; Ceredigion County Council; Durham County Council; East Devon District Council; Gwynedd County Council; Kingston-upon-Hull City Council; Maldon District Council; Mid Sussex District Council; Northumberland County Council; North Devon District Council; North Dorset District Council; North East Lincolnshire Council; North Warwickshire Borough Council; Scarborough Borough Council; Sedgemoor District Council and South Staffordshire Council

Click to access 6.SPEAKERS-Committee-Electroal-Commission.pdf


the same link confirms that European elections could have been affected:

1.16 An added risk is that the period between March and June 2014 coincides with elections to the European Parliament and to the majority of local authorities in England (including London and metropolitan boroughs), which will mean that there is next to no capacity in local elections teams to deal with any remedial activity that may be recommended.

The March 31 2014 report referred to above is here:

Click to access Readiness-for-the-transition-to-IER-Progress-Report-March-2014.pdf

and its later update here:

Click to access Analysis-of-electoral-registration-data-for-Great-Britain-2013.pdf

with this golden nugget:

East Devon District Council

“East Devon originally planned for house-to-house enquiries to be carried out as a part of the canvass, but none were conducted in practice. Their plans were later adapted to use telephone canvassing as a first step for non- responding properties, and the details of 39% of such properties were confirmed through this mechanism. The overall canvass response rate for East Devon was 95%.

East Devon’s IER implementation plan indicates that they intend to recruit canvassers to undertake the necessary house-to-house enquiries as part of the 2014 write-out and canvass. We will continue to monitor their progress through the transition to ensure this is delivered in practice.

And here is a briefing sent to all MPs about what they should be do ing:

Click to access IER-Parliamentary-Brief-July-2014-PDF.pdf

Isn’t it odd, too, that many of the worst- performing councils are near to us!

3 thoughts on “The missing 6,000 voters – EDDC is in the worst 6% of councils in the country for voter registration!

  1. So why has it been left to East Devon Alliance research to bring this to light?!!

    Where is the press release from East Devon District Council? Why nothing at all from the incumbent MPs, Messrs Parish and Swire? They all knew.

    We are sick of all this. Mr Mark Williams’ district council spent the 2007-2011 period using our money blocking a cost-saving merger with the rest of Devon – so distracted that he did not do the necessary preparatory work for our key Local Plan to win approval. In that period, and soon after, his council ignored repeated advice that some of its key elected figures in planning were as trustworthy as Arthur Daley.

    Mr Williams’ district council then spent the 2011-2015 period failing to look into these dodgy dealings when exposed in the Daily Teegraph, spending more of our money without it being in any manifesto on an expensive move to somewhere called Skypark, and dealing with the epic fallout from having no Local Plan.

    Mr Williams – you are our Chief Returning Officer. You will not be sacked because the all-Tory Cabinet needs you, as you need them. But that you should now go there is no remaining doubt.

    Bottom 6%. Great work, sir. You run about as cushy and easily administered a council, in about as desirable an area, as exists in this country. There is no excuse.


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