RIP East Devon Business Forum Task and Finish Forum

The Forward Plan for the EDDC Overview and Scrutiny Committee no longer mentions the reconvening of the TAFF which was to have investigated the influence of EDBF on the (non) delivery of the Local Plan.

The CEO squashed it, delaying it until after submission of the draft Local Plan (though this was never discussed or agreed at any public meeting).

Now it has been airbrushed out of history.


One thought on “RIP East Devon Business Forum Task and Finish Forum

  1. As I have said before, after the Graham Brown exposé by the Daily Telegraph, I would have expected EDDC to want to demonstrate that this was a one-off and that they were now whiter-than-white. A full and open investigation would have achieved that.

    So the only conclusion we can reasonably come to if the EDBF TAFF has been dropped, is that EDDC has something to hide, possibly further corruption. Given the ongoing secrecy (i.e. excessive confidentiality, non-responsiveness to FoI requests etc.), the appearance of ongoing corruption is strengthened.

    Even more importantly, the actions of the CEO in restricting the scope of the EDBF TAFF at the start, then refusing to let it investigate, and now dropping it, extends the questions of corruption out of the realm of only councillors and into the ranks of the senior officers.

    It is becoming increasingly clear that this is only going to be resolved by an independent inquiry with an open remit to investigate whether there has or is ongoing corruption in EDDC.


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