The missing 6,000 voters update: not good news

According to the answer to request on the whatdotheyknow website:

“The current position is that 2 canvassers have been appointed but ideally the Council requires a minimum of 10 to ensure that the work can be done as effectively as possible. We are therefore re-advertising the positions from next week (week beginning 29th September) with a view to recruiting more Canvassers. Canvassing will commence from the week beginning 27th October.”


2 thoughts on “The missing 6,000 voters update: not good news

  1. So the canvass is now starting on 27 October (which if the same terminology is used here as last time really means that training will commence on 27 October), a 5 week delay from 22 September. So either the two canvassers already recruited will twiddle their thumbs for 5 weeks reducing their maximum possible pay from £95.11 per week to £61.14 per week – and this is the maximum assuming they get 100% of their allocation signed up – or they will get (say) 50% more households to canvas to reflect the additional 50% time they will have, reducing the number of voters that everyone else can sign up and so reducing their potential income.

    What a farce this has become!!!!

    But then, given the disregard already shown by Mark Williams in deregistering the 6,000 – 7,000 voters earlier this year having failed to canvas them properly over the previous 3 years, should we really be surprised?


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