Gizza job EDDC – or maybe relocate me to South Somerset .

On offer: 2 Planning Officer posts, 1 Enforcement Officer post, 1 Regeneration Officer, 1 Estates and Management Technical Officer.

Could this have anything to do with masses of development, little or no enforcement and new and novel ways of selling off the family silver to pay for Skypark?

Oh, and do we see the PERFECT new job for departing Economic Development Officer Nigel Harrison (ex Hon Sec of the controversial East Devon Business Forum)at our sister council – South Somerset DC, which shares our CEO Mark Williams:

5 thoughts on “Gizza job EDDC – or maybe relocate me to South Somerset .

  1. A few points of interest here in the job descriptions:

    1. planning Enforcement Officer is only responsible for ensuring that planning permission has been obtained for new building work and NOT for enforcing planning conditions. No wonder that Waine Homes can get away with ignoring the planning conditions relating to flood abatement in Feniton.

    2. A planning Enforcement Officer needs “a good standard of education, strong customer focus and the ability to work well in a team”, “tact, diplomacy and negotiation skills”, “excellent organisational and time management skills” and ideally “a planning background and experience of planning enforcement or development management” and will earn £23,188 – £25,727 pa.

    On the other hand a Planning Officer apparently needs none of the above skills but will earn more (£26,539 – £28,922). Not only is this illogical, but EDDC apparently thinks planning enforcement is significantly less important than administering the planning process.


    • I understand that in general enforcement of breaches of planning permission or conditions is a discretionary activity for Local Planning Officers. It is good practice to enforce when there is significant damage to neighbouring properties. It really depends on the wording of the enforcement policy that EDDC has since this will determine how they act.


      • Sorry – my ipad interpreted Local Planning Authorities as Local Planning Officers. Weird spelling corrections occur on the ipad.


      • According to the EDDC web site (, EDDC’s Planning Enforcement team have a responsibility for “Keeping records of Planning conditions and ensuring compliance through the appropriate action” but whereas:

        1. For developments without planning permissions, they proactively “Keep the District under surveillance … and follow up on unauthorised development, display of adverts and enforcement of tree preservation orders”; and

        2. For temporary planning consents, they “keep a list” and proactively “follow up when these are expired”

        it seems that Planning Conditions are only recorded and EDDC only reacts when a complaint is made, presumably after an incident has actually occurred.


  2. Indeed the South Somerset job could almost have been created for our Economic Development Officer so similar is it to the job he is quietly leaving at East Devon. And, with the South Somerset Legal Officer now already in post as interim Monitoring Officer at East Devon, Mr Williams must sometimes wonder which place he is in. Especially as neither have 5/6 year land supplies.


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