Councillors desert sinking ship – or do they?

No problem with councillors changing allegiance IF they become REAL Independents. However, many Councillors who supposedly jump ship actually vote totally with their former party all the time once they are re-elected or new independents suddenly find they really always believe in everything the majority party believes in but didn’t realise until after they were elected.

This means that when Committees are formed that must have proportional representation (for example, an Overview and Scrutiny Committee) the Leader chooses the “Independents” who used to be in his party and they then form a majority that votes together. So, an “Independent” could chair an Overview and Scrutiny Committee (it has to be someone not from the majority party) when he or she is really a majority party sympathiser.

There is no suggestion that this is happening in Teignbridge but, if any party becomes toxic, it is a common occurence – it happens a lot in Wales for some reason!

We all know who the REAL independents are: the ones who started out that way!

Newton Poppleford: listen to the councillor who refuses to listen to the public! Tomorrow 8 pm

From our correspondent:

Councillor Potter has now asked Councillor Ray Bloxham to address the Parish Council this coming Monday 29th September on the issue of public speaking. This is what the agenda says:

“Cllr Ray Bloxham, Corporate Business Portfolio Holder will speak on public
speaking at meetings of EDDC, at the request of Cllr Potter. He will however arrive late, due to another meeting”.

Recall that Cllr Bloxham was the person who lead the vote to restrict public speaking at EDDC. During the EDDC debate he read out the full report of recommendations which councillors had already received in written format. After much debate in the meeting, with many councillors repeating themselves and agreeing and repeating the points of others, the Chair asked Councillor Bloxham to summarise his points. He proceeded to go over the entire report again, giving a perfect example of why DMC meetings are so long. He demonstrated perfectly that some councillors have no understanding of the term’summarise’ or indeed the phrase ‘I have nothing to add to the report you have already read’. However the majority of councillors then voted to heavily restrict the right of the public to speak to them for no more than 3 minutes each.

Quite why councillors Potter and Bloxham are so keen to discuss the matter now the vote has taken place I am not sure, but if you would like to ask them that question, come along to Monday nights Parish Council meeting in Newton Poppleford. 8.00 PM in the Village Hall.

Public speaking for the first 15 minutes but I will request standing orders
are suspended when Cllr Bloxham has addressed the meeting if there are
further questions.”

Spot the mug

A very unfortunate juxtaposition!



and perhaps on reflection this might not be the best way to illustrate just how you plan to fix  the drains in Ottery St Mary

hugo2: ”

As it puts us in mind of the old song “Right Said Fred”!

Bernard Cribbins:Right Said Fred Lyrics Lyrics – Lyric Wikia – song lyrics, music lyrics

“Right,” said Fred, “Both of us together
One each end and steady as we go.”
Tried to shift it, couldn’t even lift it
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea and”Right,” said Fred, “Give a shout for Charlie.”
Up comes Charlie from the floor below.
After strainin’, heavin’ and complaing
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea.

And Charlie had a think, and he thought we ought to take off all the handles
And the things wot held the candles.
But it did no good, well I never thought it would

“All right,” said Fred, “Have to take the feet off
To get them feet off wouldn’t take a mo.”
Took its feet off, even took the seat off
Should have got us somewhere but no!
So Fred said, “Let’s have another cuppa tea.”
And we said, “right-o.”

“Right,” said Fred, “Have to take the door off
Need more space to shift the so-and-so.”
Had bad twinges taking off the hinges
And it got us nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea and

“Right,” said Fred, “Have to take the wall down,
That there wall is gonna have to go.”
Took the wall down, even with it all down
We was getting nowhere
And so we had a cuppa tea.

And Charlie had a think, and he said, “Look, Fred,
I get a sort of feelin’
If we remove the ceiling
With a rope or two we could drop the blighter through.”

“All right,” said Fred, climbing up a ladder
With his crowbar gave a mighty blow.
Was he in trouble, half a ton of rubble landed on the top of his dome.
So Charlie and me had another cuppa tea
And then we went home.

(I said to Charlie, “We’ll just have to leave it
Standing on the landing, that’s all
You see the trouble with Fred is, he’s too hasty
You’ll never get nowhere if you’re too hasty.”)

What is it about our local National Farmers Union?

You may recall that disgraced ex-councillor Brown represented the National Farmers Union (even though he now says he wasn’t a farmer) at the East Devon Business Forum. And now we read of yet another NFU senior official with planning connections in difficulty:

Audit Commission consultation on changes to the audit of local government

Something that has exercised the minds of several EDA members and especially when we see from current Audit and Governance Committee papers that EDDC “members” would rather have retained current external auditors because they get on well with them and our CEO would much prefer to have the same auditors in each of the districts he heads:

Our “transparent” council: a test

It seems such a straightforward request – but we know from past experience that our council is anything but transparent. Now here is an opportunity to begin putting its house (and disgraced ex-Councillor Brown’s) house in order.