MPs want secret probes of iffy expenses to “protect their reputations”

Where majority party MPs lead, EDDC’s majority party usually follows:

‘To introduce measures which undermine transparency is foolish and perverse at a time when we are looking for increased transparency,’ he added.
‘This means that MPs will be able to string out the thing for as long as they like rather than everyone knowing there is an issue to be investigated.
‘This is a retrograde step when you consider that it was a lack of transparency which led to the expenses scandal in the first place.’

Oh, wait: the MPs are following EDDC on this one – EDDZc got in first with Browngate and the East Devon Business Forum where deathly silence prevails.

It will be interesting to see what they do with Browngate 2 – where the disgraced ex-councillor will make much more money than it costs for a duckhouse if things go his way – again!