The missing 6,000 voters and the additional 15 canvassers!

 24 September 2014

The following response was received to a Freedom of Information request:

“The current position is that 2 canvassers have been appointed but ideally the Council requires a minimum of 10 to ensure that the work can be done as effectively as possible. We are therefore re-advertising the positions from next week (week beginning 29th September) with a view to recruiting more Canvassers. Canvassing will commence from the week beginning 27th October.”



7 October 2014

an email went out to all town and parish clerks in East Devon (and presumably to all internal EDDC staff) – coincidentally this is the date on the written evidence to the Parliamentary Select Committee from Mark Williams.


On 14 October 2014 at the Parliamentary Committee on Voter engagement, Mr Williams was asked if all canvassers were now in post. He said YES. On that same day he sent out an urgent appeal to town and parish clerks to try to find additional canvassers as soon as possible to start work on 28 October 2014.



13 October 2014

when asked if all canvassers had now been recruited, Mr Williams said Yes.



14 October 2014

We learn from the Express and Echo website today that in all there are 25 canvassers who will start work on 28 October 2014.

“East Devon now has a pool of 25 canvassers, who will carry out household visits between 28 October and 28 November this year. The majority of those appointed have resulted from an internal advertisement among EDDC staff.”



Anyone sniff the smell of panic and the sound of stable doors being bolted somewhere?



One thought on “The missing 6,000 voters and the additional 15 canvassers!

  1. Personally, I think that this is absolutely brilliant. We now have sufficient people to do the canvass properly in the shortened time-scales. Well done Mark Williams.

    Now all we need to do is to get Mark Williams called before the Select Committee that covers planning, and we will get the Local Plan completed within a week too.

    And if we can get him called before the Select Committee responsible for Freedom of Information, presumably we can get all the information related to the Knowle released within days. Oh – no – sorry!! This one needs a tribunal to make it happen.


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