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“….. Not the only cosy developer relationship going on with the Council/Planning Department. Several villages have been on the receiving end of bizarre planning committee approvals for “favoured” developers. Planning applications that clearly breach all government guidelines, parish plans, huge amount of local objections etc. but still get approved. Most developers start the work and even advertise new properties before the application is formally approved. …..”

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  1. Whilst many of us don’t need reminding why this is topical, for anyone who is new to this topic, here is a comment comparing and contrasting and explaining why it is indeed topical…

    In Stratford, it appears that the merest whiff of impropriety sparks an immediate independent investigation, ordered by the council’s Chief Legal Officer, apparently without fear of favour, and regardless of any criminal investigations which may or may not be required.

    In East Devon, the Task and Finish Forum’s “in-depth investigation” into EDDC’s relationship with business, an investigation by councillors (so hardly independent), has yet to get off the ground more than 18-months after the Daily Telegraph videoed Graham Brown (then Chair of the since-dissolved East Devon Business Forum) boasting about being able to gain planning permission.


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