Oh, oh! East Devon District Council wants no more cuts and more powers

“… COUNCIL leaders from Devon are among more than 100 English council bosses who’ve publicly opposed further cuts in their funding.

The leaders who have demanded in an open letter more powers be devolved from Westminster included West, North and East Devon district councils. …

… In a letter to the Observer the leaders – including many Tories and some mayors – said English voters would not accept greater devolution to Scotland if a transfer did not also take place in England, adding “It’s England’s turn now”.

… The Observer letter has 121 signatories in total. It is signed by senior Local Government Association (LGA) figures including chairman David Sparks, along with 65 Labour council leaders, 40 Conservative leaders, 10 Liberal Democrat leaders and one independent
Source: http://www.torquayheraldexpress.co.uk/Devon-councils-demand-spending-cuts/story-24921724-detail/story.html

Do we REALLY want the council, with its current power base, in charge of more of our hard-earned money? If EDDC was a bank might we be looking to change to a better one?

One thought on “Oh, oh! East Devon District Council wants no more cuts and more powers

  1. It is only now our council leaders are becoming aware of the situation which their own Government are forcing on them. It is now irrefutable that for many years our Councilors have been imprudently paying large sums of money to contractors, and consultancy fees, with extravagant salaries for top council executives. The Conservative administrations were quick to condemn the last Government for leaving the cupboard bare, to be fair they never did take into account the amounts paid to bail the banks out, Northern Rock in 2008 alone had billions. But can we ever trust our governing bodies again? I certainly do not think so. We are so strapped for money we can not afford a lollipop lady outside a busy school. But it will not stop EDDC’ s plans for a new first phase on a two-acre watersports centre on a part of Exmouth’s sea front that suffers from hundreds of tons of sand stretching a 100 metres over an area which will include a clubhouse/restaurant, shops,cafes, and offices. Even grass lawns which today had 3 inches of wet sand covering it. It will be pointed out that this leisure area was planned before the cuts, but asking for an extra waste bin on the sea front or a dogs’ bin, we have not got a dogs chance of getting it.
    Thousands of pounds have been wasted on schemes which only half work by councils, so they certainly can’t be trusted.


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