One thought on “Law Commission starts consultation on electoral law reform

  1. Oh, come on!!! It has ONLY been 2 years between finalising the scope of the electoral reform activities and commencing them.

    After all, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” or, as Sir Humphrey might say, “having considered all the possibilities and their potential ramifications, and bearing in mind the complexities of the task in hand and the large number of likely consultees for this reform, and taking into account the existing schedules for the parliamentary select committees and civil-service committees who would need to give input, and without prejudicing the legal requirements for such a much needed set of reforming activities, whilst ensuring that the task is undertaken in a comprehensive and appropriate fashion, and noting the established governmental life-cycle, then it would seem precipitous to have started prior to the current juncture, and that having waited the appropriate period, the correct temporal moment has now been reached to commence the broad-scale consultations that are the prelude to considering the shape of the reformatory statute bills.”

    Or in other words, this has had to wait until now in order that its recommendations are delivered after the next general elections.


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