North Devon District Council on the move too

One interesting fact is that they estimate that it would cost £2m to demolish their current building.

It seems VERY fashionable these days to move HQ after a few years – wonder how long Honiton and Exmouth would be declared not fit for purpose?

One thought on “North Devon District Council on the move too

  1. It strikes me that councils are gaining a bit of a dodgy history of not looking after public property in their care.
    The article about North Devon’s offices says “The civic centre is in need of tender loving care – if we were to stay it would need around £4million spent on renovations.”
    East Devon have said they would need to spend a considerable amount on renovations to the Knowle.
    And of course, as everyone in Exmouth knows, the lengthy, deliberate and utterly irresponsible neglect that Elizabeth Hall suffered was all part of the plan to make the case for demolition.
    Trusted trustees and guardians of public property they are not.


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