So does he or doesn’t he …?

Several very reliable sources have said that current MP Hugo Swire heartily disagrees with EDDC’s current relocation plans to the point where he will go into print about it, rather than just talk about it as he apparently did last week in Sidmouth.

But still no sign of his views on his website or elsewhere – though the site does include a very interesting page that lists all the things a constituency MP COULD do for us if he were not so terribly busy at the Foreign office and rushing around the Middle East and Looking after Proctor and Gamble:

One thought on “So does he or doesn’t he …?

  1. On the They Work For You site (or at least I think that is where it is) you can register for emails which detail everything an MP says in parliament (inc. written questions and answers).

    I have been watching Hugo Swire for over 6 months now, and whilst the good news is that he is a frequent speaker in parliament, the bad news (for us East Devon folks) is that I cannot remember a single word spoken in that time about East Devon. Not one!! He is not really our MP – just a Foreign Office spokesperson.


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