Adam Boulton of Sunday Times challenges the myth of politicians meeting “real” people

Boulton says in his Sunday Times column todof his experience of these events today:

“When he’s not travelling in a private aircraft or limo, a typical leader’s tour involved high speed travel by public transport, with an entourage of aides, flunkeys and protection officers and a handful of invited media people added to the cordon, tamed and embedded for a few hours. It is usually difficult to drum up a representative audience in the middle of a work day, so “real people” consist of unoccupied activists picked by the party or employee.s dragooned into attending a talk by their bosses  … Mass-meeting town-hall democracy it is not”.

Fortunately, East Devon having two “safe” seats we may be spared this indignity.

Safe, did we say safe?  Well, of course, it depends on who you talk to and who you (choose to) listen to.