Q: What is a “Mayoral Development Corporation? A: Another unelected, unaccountable group of business-people!

A mini-LEP!

They both use unelected, unaccountable businessmen to take control of local assets and shortcut legal and democratic processes to enrich a select few business people.

The DCLG said an advisory board would be established to provide leadership and direction to the MDC for the regeneration of sites across Tees Valley. Ministers will work with local partners to appoint members for the board.”

watch out people of Teeside – you have no idea what is coming your way!

You see where this is going? Local councils and electors – OUT, local and non- local business people – unelected, unaccountable. nontransparent replacing them.

But it isn’t ALL business people – just a very, very select few.

Owl really isn’t a conspiracy theorist – this is just the way it is in Dave’s England now.